Our Research

Current and ongoing research directions in ISL mainly focus on control of dynamical systems employing visual feedback.

Main Research Topics
1. Visual servoing
     o Active visual servo control employing multi-cameras
     o Autonomous visual servoing with tele-supervision
     o High performance visually-guided motion control

2. Intelligent transportation system (ITS)
     o Preceding vehicle following system
     o Autonomous vehicle driving system
     o Obstacle detection and warning system

3. Robotics
     o Precise pose control of manipulators using stereo vision
     o Intelligent control of robots using uncalibrated cameras
     o Hybrid vision and force control of robotic manipulators

4. Intelligent home supervision system
     o Face tracking and identification system
     o Intelligent remote surveillance system
     o Intelligent security system

5. Systems theory and control
     o Adaptive control systems
     o Supervisory control systems
     o PC-based real-time control of dynamical systems

Research Equipment
  1. Six axis robotic arm
    • Manufacturer/Model: Mitsubishi/RV-1a
    • Specifications:
      Degree of freedom: 6 DOF
      Maximum speed: 2200 mm/s
      Arm length: 250+160mm
      Honeywell force sensor
      ATI/Gamma 6-axis force sensor

  2. Mobile robots
    • Manufacturer/Model: Dr. Robot x80
    • Specifications:
      Sensor: PTZ camera
      Load: 10 kg
      Battery life span: over 3 hours
      Communication: Wireless LAN 802.11g

  3. Visual sensing devices
    • Manufacturer/Model: Dynacolor/D7722B-K
      AVT/Guppy F-080C

  4. Video capture system
    • Manufacturer/Model: ADLINK/RTV-24
    • Specifications:
      Channels: 4
      Image frame rate: 30 FPS
      Network: RJ-45/Ethernet (10/100 Base-T)

  5. Medical servo-driven table
    • Manufacturer/Model: HIWIN/LAS3-1-1-100-24GE
    • Specifications:
      Degree of freedom: 5-DOF
      Optical sensor

University-Industry Cooperative Research

  1. Industrial automated assembly
  2. Medical precision positioning