Research Results           

3D Color Point Cloud Reconstruction and Blending           Object Volume Estimation Based on 3D Point          
           Based on Depth Map(
Shu-Chen Tu)                                  Cloud(Ziphozonke Dlamini)         

Automated Robotic Picking and Assembly Employing                     Point Cloud Registration and Defect Detection        
Simultaneous Localization and Calibration(Shih-Lin Cian)               Based on Geometric Descriptors (Si-Bei Chen)  

                  Design and Implementation of an Automated Robotic Assembly System with Real-time Visual                                         Servoing(Chieh-Min Pao)

Real-Time Vision-Based Automated Measurement                                Automated Object Grasping Based on Point Cloud Matching
of Distorted Projector Images and True Camera                                   and Visual Servoing (Chia-Yo Yen)
Frame Rate (Kuan-Ting Chen)

Automated USB Peg-in-Hole Assembly Based on                                  Simultaneous Localization and Calibration System 
Robotic Visual Servoing (Kun-Tu Chang)                                              Employing Flying and Surveillance Cameras (Chi-Fan Chiang)

Automated Mobile Phone Battery Assembly                                         Large-Scale Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots
with Robotic Visual Servoing (Po-Ting Lin)                                           with Actively-Controlled Flying Cameras (Wei-Fan Kao)

Quality Inspection of Camera Zooming Lens Based on                                  Automated Packaging Employing Real-Time Vision 
Real-Time Vision (Chi-Cheng Wang)                                                                                        (Jhu-Jyun Chen)

Vision-Based 3D Point Cloud Blending and Reconstruction                     Simultaneous Localization and Transformation 
                            (Bo-Ruai Chen)                                                        Employing a Single Flying Camera (Jian-Yu Chen)

Visual Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots Based                         Optimized Pattern Matching for 3-D Objects Reconstruction  
on Environment Mapping (Huan-Chen Ling)                                         Based on Structure Light (Han-Sheng Wu)

Visual Localization and Map Building of a Scout Robot                           Automatic Calibration of Robotic Hand-Eye System 
with a Flying Camera (Wen-Ting Luo)                                                   with Cross-Line Laser (Shu-Yu Hsu) 

Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots in Unknown                           Tracking Control of a Robotic Manipulator Based on
Surveillance Environments (Shu-Wei Kuo)                                            Binocular Vision and Force Reflection (Chia-Hung Wu)
   Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robot Navigation                       Hybrid Force and Vision-Based Tracking Control of
   Employing Onboard and Surveillance Cameras in                               a Six-DOF Robotic Manipulator (Sheng-Fu Syu)
   Large-Scale Environments (Samuel Simon)      
   Automatic Robot Assembly with Eye-in-Hand Binocular Visual Servoing        Cooperative Manipulation and Transportation of 
   and Structured Lighting (Yi-Huan Weng)                                                     Mobile Robots Based on Visual Simultaneous
                                                                                                                   Localization and Mapping (Jing-Yan Ju-Ge)
  Vision-Based Compliance Motion Control of Robots                       Navigation and Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots in 
                         (Cheng-Wei Lin)                                                   an On-Line Calibrated Visual Intelligent Space (Ping-Rong Chu)  
  Pose Tracking Control of a Robotic Manipulator                                 Vision-Based Compliance Motion Control of Robots 
  Employing Binocular Vision System (Zheng-Qin Tsai)                                                (Van Truong Nguyen) 
 Hybrid Fuzzy Control of a Robotic Manipulator               Adaptive Vision-Based                    Side Vehicle Detection with
        Employing Real-Time Visual Servoing              Trajectory Tracking Control of               On-Board Real-Time Vision
                                                                                 a Wheeled Mobile Robot
     Mobile Robot Navigation and Control with                                         Detection of Surrounding Vehicles with 
        Ultrasonic and Optical Flow Sensors                                                         Real-Time Onboard Vision     
               Mobile Robot Localization and                                               Omni-Directional Lane Detection and 
          Map Building in an Intelligent Space                                   Vehicle Motion Estimation with Multi-Camera Vision
     Vision-Based 3-D Indoor Map Building for                                        Navigation and Control of a Mobile Robot in 
     Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots                                                         an Intelligent Space
 On-Line Hand-Eye Calibration and Hybrid Tracking Control of            Hybrid Tracking Control of a Robot Manipulator on 
       a Binocular Vision-Based Robotic Manipulator                        3-D Unknown Surface Employing Intelligent Sensor Fusion     
Realization of an Automatic Head Tracking System in      Real-Time Mobile Robotic Manipulation with Stereo Visual Servoing
               Indoor Cluttered Environment               
        Window-Cleaning Robot          phone Assembly System       Dual manipulator         Automatic curve contour tracking
                                                                                                 mobile robots     
         Floor Cleaning System               Robotics Competition              Vehicle following System              Pouring robot        
Automatic surface contour tracking             Machine footballers            Window-Cleaning expert NO.1     The medical precision    
                                                                                                                                                            positioning system