Research Results                       



 Automated Robotic Assembly Using 3D Point Cloud Matching (Chia-Hung Wu)


Vision-Based Automated Defect Detection of Internal Thread (Yi-Yung Hsu)

CNN-Based 3D Point Cloud Registration for Robotic Picking and Placing (Lai-Hsuan Liu)

Automated Geometric Measurement Based on 3D Point Cloud (Shih-Wei Feng)

Automated Defect Detection Based on 3D Point Cloud (Chi-Hsiu Chen)


 Automated Robotic Inspection with Eye-in-Hand Vision (Wen-Bin Chen)


 Geometric Measurement Based on 3D Point Cloud (Sakontanut Srijan)


 3D Point Cloud Registration Using Neural Networks (Yang-Cheng Huang)  


Automated Multiple Object Picking and Assembly Based on Point Cloud Registration and Visual Servoing (Sheng-Hao Lai)

Simultaneous Localization and Calibration Employing Two Flying Cameras (Yu-Chia Hong)  


Automated Quality Inspection of Camera Pan-Tilt Motion (Cheng-Lin Chiu)


 Workpiece Quality Inspection Based on Point Cloud Matching and Defect Detection (Sheng-Chieh Lin) 


3D Point Cloud Coupling Matching and Assembly Path Planning using Reinforcement Learning (Dianthika Puteri Andini)


 3D Color Point Cloud Reconstruction and Blending Based on Depth Map(Shu-Chen Tu)   

Object Volume Estimation Based on 3D Point Cloud(Ziphozonke Dlamini)         


Automated Robotic Picking and Assembly Employing Simultaneous Localization and Calibration(Shih-Lin Cian)

Point Cloud Registration and Defect Detection Based on Geometric Descriptors (Si-Bei Chen)       


Design and Implementation of an Automated Robotic Assembly System with Real-time Visual Servoing(Chieh-Min Pao)                          


Real-Time Vision-Based Automated Measurement of Distorted Projector Images and True Camera Frame Rate (Kuan-Ting Chen)


 Automated Object Grasping Based on Point Cloud Matching and Visual Servoing (Chia-Yo Yen)


Automated USB Peg-in-Hole Assembly Based on Robotic Visual Servoing (Kun-Tu Chang) 


 Simultaneous Localization and Calibration System Employing Flying and Surveillance Cameras (Chi-Fan Chiang)


Automated Mobile Phone Battery Assembly with Robotic Visual Servoing (Po-Ting Lin)      


 Large-Scale Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots with Actively-Controlled Flying Cameras (Wei-Fan Kao)


Quality Inspection of Camera Zooming Lens Based on Real-Time Vision (Chi-Cheng Wang) 


 Automated Packaging Employing Real-Time Vision (Jhu-Jyun Chen)


Vision-Based 3D Point Cloud Blending and Reconstruction (Bo-Ruai Chen)   

Simultaneous Localization and Transformation Employing a Single Flying Camera (Jian-Yu Chen)


Visual Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots Based on Environment Mapping (Huan-Chen Ling)      

Optimized Pattern Matching for 3-D Objects Reconstruction Based on Structure Light (Han-Sheng Wu)


Visual Localization and Map Building of a Scout Robot with a Flying Camera (Wen-Ting Luo)


Automatic Calibration of Robotic Hand-Eye System with Cross-Line Laser (Shu-Yu Hsu) 


Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots in Unknown Surveillance Environments (Shu-Wei Kuo)   

Tracking Control of a Robotic Manipulator Based on Binocular Vision and Force Reflection (Chia-Hung Wu)

Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robot Navigation Employing Onboard and Surveillance Cameras in Large-Scale Environments (Samuel Simon)    

Hybrid Force and Vision-Based Tracking Control of a Six-DOF Robotic Manipulator (Sheng-Fu Syu)

Automatic Robot Assembly with Eye-in-Hand Binocular Visual Servoing and Structured Lighting (Yi-Huan Weng)

     Cooperative Manipulation and Transportation of Mobile Robots Based on Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Jing-Yan Ju-Ge)

Vision-Based Compliance Motion Control of Robots (Cheng-Wei Lin) 


Navigation and Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots in an On-Line Calibrated Visual Intelligent Space (Ping-Rong Chu)  


 Pose Tracking Control of a Robotic Manipulator Employing Binocular Vision System (Zheng-Qin Tsai)

Vision-Based Compliance Motion Control of Robots (Van Truong Nguyen) 

 Hybrid Fuzzy Control of a Robotic Manipulator Employing Real-Time Visual Servoing 


 Adaptive Vision-Based Trajectory Tracking Control of  a Wheeled Mobile Robot


Side Vehicle Detection with On-Board Real-Time Vision

Mobile Robot Navigation and Control with Ultrasonic and Optical Flow Sensors

Detection of Surrounding Vehicles with Real-Time Onboard Vision     

 Mobile Robot Localization and Map Building in an Intelligent Space  


 Omni-Directional Lane Detection and Vehicle Motion Estimation with Multi-Camera Vision

 Vision-Based 3-D Indoor Map Building for Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots


 Navigation and Control of a Mobile Robot in an Intelligent Space


 On-Line Hand-Eye Calibration and Hybrid Tracking Control of a Binocular Vision-Based Robotic Manipulator 

 Hybrid Tracking Control of a Robot Manipulator on 3-D Unknown Surface Employing Intelligent Sensor Fusion     

Realization of an Automatic Head Tracking System in Indoor Cluttered Environment

 Real-Time Mobile Robotic Manipulation with Stereo Visual Servoing             


phone Assembly System


 Dual manipulator mobile robots 


Automatic curve contour tracking    

 Floor Cleaning System


 Vehicle following System       

Automatic surface contour tracking 

The medical precision positioning system



Machine footballers 


Window-Cleaning expert NO.1 


 Window-Cleaning Robot 


Robotics Competition

Pouring robot